Microservices Communication and Conversation Patterns

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Posted Mar 18, 2024
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This talk is truly impressive!
Let’s conduct this business analysis for scaling.
Let’s explore what generic lessons the food industry offers for software engineers.

See what we have…

  • Same industry
  • 3 diffferent business models

Some scale easily.

Some have bottlenecks…

…and other challenges.

Do you recall Conway’s Law?

Let’s leverage it to our advantage:

  1. Replace actors with microservices.
  2. Replace communication between them with a communication and conversational pattern. …and now you have your basic system design.

If it were just so easy…but it’s a good start for finding boundaries…

So here we are, let’s explore what generic lessons the food industry offers for software engineers.

Let’s check out these business models:

  • Food truck
  • Fast food (food chain)
  • Restaurant

Join us as we delve into effective microservice communication, conversation patterns, and modeling with Jimmy Bogard. Get ready for insights that make this journey both informative and engaging. Let’s dive in!

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