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2-Min Tech Health Assessment & Report

Quick & Free! Engage in a brief 2-minute questionnaire for a rapid assessment of your company's technical vitality (no technical expertise required to answer). Gain a snapshot overview of your organization's tech landscape now!

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Explore the perfect tech partnership with our free consultation. We'll evaluate compatibility, ensuring our services align seamlessly with your needs. If it's not an ideal match, we're committed to recommending alternatives for your success.

Precision Tech Audit

Pinpoint your technical health issues with precision and receive valuable insights on how to address them. Opt for solving it on your own or let us guide you seamlessly through the process. Elevate your tech vitality, mitigate risks, and save where it truly matters.

Affordable Tech Leadership

Embark on the software journey with us, whether starting with a project rescue or addressing technical health. Recognize that the software process is ongoing; even completed projects require preparation for cost-effective maintenance. We provide a second voice of reason, an extra pair of eyes. Rely on us for sustained excellence, steering clear of pitfalls and the hidden costs associated with overlooking essential guidance.

  • 20+ Years Hands-on Technical Expertise
  • 5+ Years of Leadership / CEO Experience
  • 38+ Successful Projects
  • 20+ Happy Clients…
  • …in 5+ Industries
  • Government and Private Projects
  • US and EU Companies
20+ Years Hands-on Expertise
5+ Years Leadership Experience
5+ Years Impactful CEO Experience in an Insurance Brokerage Company
40+ Finished Projects
5+ Industries
20+ Happy Clients
Government and Private Projects
US and EU Companies
Agency Experience
Multiple Projects at a Time
Multiple Solo Projects from Ideation to Finish
Teams of 2-10 Developers

About "Us"

Balazs brings over 20 years of expertise to the table - he is not only dedicated to assisting companies in excelling in Software Engineering matters but also excels in mentoring and guiding teams towards success. With a focus on strategic leadership, he prevents costly project failures and minimizes maintenance expenses, ensuring that your company's tech endeavors stay on track.

You can get to know him through his posts on LinkedIN, and blog articles on t-his website.

Feel free to reach out to him directly via LinkedIn messages, or take the opportunity to schedule a personal call. This will allow you to get to know the individual behind the vast technological experience and explore potential collaborations.

Quick Bio

I began my career as a software engineer, predominantly working with SMEs and Contracting organizations in various industries such as: government, banking, insurance, legal, automotive, oil & gas, and healthcare.

As an individual contributor, I have noticed that many companies were struggling with leadership, often lacking hands-on technical leaders. This observation presented an opportunity for me to step into technical leadership roles, combining strong technical skills with strategic and architectural thinking.

I have transitioned my focus to the strategic and operational aspects of projects, where my expertise lies in setting crucial directions that drive success. By partnering with companies, I help them not only to get started on the right foot but also achieve significant cost reductions and efficiently rescue struggling projects.

I’ve noticed a significant increase in the need for these types of services. Moreover, it has become apparent that setting up a usual SME for success does not necessarily require a full-time CTO.

As a result, I decided to offer my 20+ years of technological expertise on a part-time, fractional basis, which allows businesses to benefit from my knowledge and guidance without the need for a full-time commitment.

…and beyond

With a fascinating backstory in technology that dates back to writing my first “real” program at the tender age of 14. My passion and proficiency were forged during my initial part-time job in hardware and software development, well before the term “IoT” gained hype.

Moreover, I have proudly served as CEO of an Insurance Brokerage Company for an impressive 12-year tenure, solidifying my leadership acumen and business prowess.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a passion for exploring the realms of sociology, psychology, cognitive biases, gamification, and business (yes, books). I apply the insights gained from these subjects in my daily work life, enriching my professional endeavors with a diverse range of knowledge.